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Meet Nicola

Multi Discipline Therapist, Teacher and Co-founder of Ambiental Touch.  Nicola is a member of Thai Healing Alliance and International Institute of Complementary Therapies, a Certified Teacher for ITM Massage School, Chiang Mai and registered Tera Mai Reiki Master.


Nicola is a passionate certified massage therapist and teacher who is originally from Wales but now lives on the beautiful island of Cyprus,practicing various forms of massage and teaching her love and passion of Thai Massage and Healing.

Prior to massage, Nicola had many years managing teams where she was responsible for mentoring, coaching, developing and empowering individuals to acquire new skills and to achieve their goals.

Nicola now combines these qualities and techniques in her teaching practice, along with her sense of humor, delivering the content of the course in ‘various-ways’ to ensure that students remain focused but enjoy the learning process at the same time.  The ‘various ways’ also cover the four methods of learning; reading and writing, diagrams /pictures, feeling and touch by doing and repeating, and listening, enabling the group to all learn socially and at an individual level.

Nicola’s mission is to ensure that students not only understand what the subject being taught but that they also understand the importance and responsibility of this knowledge, how to use it effectively and protect both themselves and their customers. Providing support after the course and answering questions from students as they practice going forward.

No question is too small, we always need to learn and challenge the way we do things, never be afraid to ask!” – Nicola Dickenson

“I love Nicola’s honesty and straight talking, she never makes you feel like you are being judged or patronised. Nicola is exceptional at making people feel at ease immediately and gives a lot of positive energy. It is always a pleasure to be around her, that’s why when she told me she was going to start teaching it sounded absolutely right for her. Nicola is highly focused, professional and dedicated to what she does, but she delivers this with a fantastic sense of humour with her fun loving and playful side – a beautiful person inside and out!”

Julia Wisotzki – Massage Therapist

Thai Massage Teacher

Having personally experienced the effects and benefits of Thai Massage in 2011, Nicola decided to quit her career of eighteen years and travelled to the northern hills of Thailand to retrain as a Thai Massage therapist with “International Training Massage School” Chiang Mai. Initially she only intended to stay for four weeks to complete a 120-hour program, but she fell in love with the Thai culture and ‘Massage’ in general and continued her studies and practice with various masters and Schools in Chiang Mai. Nicola finally left Thailand six months later certified in Thai Massage, Hot Stones, Thai Aroma Herb Oil, Deep Tissue and Thai Reflexology. Since qualifying, Nicola has been practising and teaching as a massage therapist in Europe and Asia, and continues her studies along with her other love, ‘travel’, returning to Thailand each year to deepen her practice and furthering her skills and developing her teaching knowledge.

“The meanderings of the universe have led me to find these amazing skills and to help others. I am continually want to learn how ancient eastern practice, natural remedies and energy can help people, some of which are so simple, yet in the west we prefer to pop a pill than to review the way we live and seek natural alternatives”.

Reiki Master

During one of her travels Nicola suddenly had an urge to learn ‘Reiki’, having already broadened her mind to alternative therapies and opened her heart to the unknown, the doors of the universe suddenly unfolded quickly. One minute she was talking about possibly learning ‘Reiki’ and the next had found her teacher, booked her flight and was on her way. Nicola has never looked back since and enjoys the wonder of Reiki, the essence of Tera Mai and the powers of the Violet Flame.

For six years Nicola practiced and gained experienced with Reiki and furthered her studies in early 2018 when she completed her Reiki Master in Tera Mai Reiki

“When we take time to stop and breathe, we connect with ourselves and realise how much love, energy and abundance is around us to heal naturally.”


Learn a new life skill in Massage or Healing

Multi Discipline Therapist, Teacher and Co-founder of Ambiental Touch, Nicola is a member of Thai Healing Alliance and Certified Teacher for ITM Massage School, Chiang Mai.




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